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Na margem do rio Piedra eu sentei e chorei (By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept)


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08 February 2016, Monday

✔ Updated all contact forms.

30 January 2016, Saturday

♥ Added 1 new affiliate: Pirate Queen.
❥ Updated Bleep Bloop, the BB-8 fanlisting.

21 January 2016, Thursday

♥ Added 1 new affiliate: Perfectly Cromulent.
✘ Deleted affiliates that are no longer active.
❥ Updated Bleep Bloop, the BB-8 fanlisting.

12 January 2016, Tuesday

♥ I'm currently cleaning up my fanlisting collective! I've reinstalled Enthusiast and removed the fanlistings I've lost.

31 July 2013, Wednesday

✔ After a long 5-year hiatus, I'm back! I may have lost quite a few of my TFL-approved listings due to my inactivity (due to loss of interest and other personal reasons) but I'm planning on keeping them up. I'm currently in the process of revamping all of my websites.

22 February 2008, Friday

❥ I'm currently working on new layouts for some of my fanlistings! I'm also looking for affiliates for my collective and the fanlistings I own so if you have a related FL, please let me know! :)

16 February 2008, Saturday

♥ I've added new codes! I've finished cleaning out my joined fanlistings. I've moved closed fanlistings back to "Pending" while I look for the new URLs / apply for them.

14 February 2008, Thursday

♥ Happy Valentine's Day! I'm celebrating this day by cleaning out my joined fanlistings. ;) I hate dead links. I've gone through most of the categories except for Literature, Movies, Songs, TV Shows, TV/Movie/Book Miscellany, Webmasters and Websites. I joined quite a few new fanlistings too and applied for some of the fanlistings in my wishlist. *crosses fingers*

11 February 2008, Monday

The Wedding Planner Fanlisting is now up and running! Come and join!

10 February 2008, Sunday

♥ I've finally made a new layout! After almost two years! And it features Jensen Ackles. *grins* Anyway, I'm still creating layouts for some fanlistings but everything is up and running so please, go ahead and join! If you encounter any problems, please don't hesitate to tell me. I'll love you forever!

Kryz has decided to let me adopt The Wedding Planner Fanlisting. I've finished the layout over at Love and Destiny but I'm still waiting for her to send me the files. Until then!

03 Feb 2007, Sat

♥ Added 1 donated code.

29 Jan 2007, Mon

♥ Added 2 affiliates: Insanity Sandwich and Fashionably Late.

26 Jan 2007, Fri

♥ Added 2 affiliates: Luminous Dreams and By My Side.

25 Jan 2007, Thu

♥ Added 4 affiliates: Fanish, Salishna, 2012 and Paper Flowers. Added 1 donated code.

24 Jan 2007, Wed

♥ Updated the site. Added the Ardent page. Added 1 affiliate: Music-Slave.org.

14 Jan 2007, Sun

♥ Edited some pages. Added my wishlist. Added 1 affiliate: Neverland.

30 Nov 2006, Thu

♥ Added 1 affiliate: Speak Slow.

17 Oct 2006, Tue

♥ Edited the layout.

17 Jul 2006, Mon

♥ The collective is now open to the public!

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